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The Visual Arts

TV, Film,
and Screenplays

Copyright for your eyes. When we look at copyright in the visual domain, we see movies, television shows, photographs, sculptures, and artwork. We also see things that form the basis for such works, such as screenplays, teleplays, and blueprints. The hot issue here - trying to mix all of the above without infringing someone's copyright.

  • Specialized information for webmasters, musicians, moviemakers, screenwriters, porgrammers and photographers.
  • General copyright information for educators, students, web-surfers, re-mixers, mash-uppers and confused citizens.
Devil's Advocate

Sec devilSculptor sues The Devil's Advocate producers for background art.


Sec batmanSculptor sues Batman Forever producers for background art.

12 Monkeys

Sec monkeysTurning a drawing into a scene for a movie can cost big bucks.

Naked Gun

Sec nakedgunLeslie Neilsen as a body double for Demi Moore torques Annie Leibovitz.


Sec thunderballSony makes a bold bid for the Bond franchise.

Indiana Jones

Sec raidersWhy studios don't acknowledge unsolicited screenplays.


Sec arnoldCashing in on the lucrative Japanese commercial market without you knowing about it.


Sec reutersReuters grabs the goods from helicopter jockey in the L.A. maelstrom.