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U.S. Copyright Office


The downloadable forms are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. If you don't already have the Acrobat Reader, get it here: Acrobat

Form TX

This is the general category for copyrighting material and it covers the most items. Basically, non-dramatic literary works include all types of written works that are not intended as performances, with the exception of magazines and serials which have their own Form SE.

However, individual magazine and newspaper articles would be covered by Form TX, as would books, written lectures, advertisements, catalogs and directories.

Form VA

This form is used for pictorial and graphic works, including such items as photographs, sculptures, paintings, graphics, logos, and any other graphic work.

Form PA

This form has traditionally been used for registration of plays, screenplays, radio scripts and other works intended for performance before an audience.

However, this form is also used for works to be performed indirectly by means of a mechanical device or process. Consequently, this form may be used for musical compositions, lyrics, and multimedia works.

Form SR

This form is for recorded music and sounds. This would include records, tapes and CDs.

Form SE

This form is for works that are published in successive parts, dated or sequentially numbered, and intended to be published indefinitely.

This would apply to magazines, newspapers, bulletins, newsletters and other periodicals.

Form CON

This is a continuation form for the other application forms.

For example, if you had more than three authors on a Form TX, you would need to put the information about the fourth author on a Form CON.