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Copyright Website Marks a Decade of Providing Innovative Copyright Services and Information

FOSTER CITY, CA - May 1, 2002 - Copyright Website today celebrates its tenth anniversary of providing copyright information and resources on the web. Launched on May 1, 1995, the website has witnessed seismic changes in the copyright landscape, from audio sampling and file sharing, to the DMCA and NET Act. "Copyright is no longer a back water of intellectual property law," noted Benedict O'Mahoney, President and Founder of the Copyright Website. "With over three million visitors annually, its clear that people are interested. It is no longer arcane. It's hot, it's relevant, it affects everyone, and it will continue to be a hot button issue for the next decade."

On May 1, 2002, the Copyright Website launched the first online, wizard-based, copyright registration service. "As people digitize assets and move them to the web, they realize that they need protection, and copyright registration is the most cost effective protection available," said Mr. O'Mahoney. "Digital rights management is expensive and short term, copyright is cheap and very long term." The website has opened up over ten thousand accounts and has processed thousands of copyright applications since the launch of the service in 2002.

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Copyright Website LLC powers the Copyright Website, the Internet's most popular destination for copyright information. The Copyright Website has provided artists, musicians, coders, webmasters, filmmakers, students, photographers and writers with real world, practical and relevant copyright information since 1995. The Copyright Website is also home of the Copyright Wizard, the first web-based copyright registration service. For more information visit