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Copyright Wizard Electrifies the Copyright Registration Process

FOSTER CITY, CA - May 1, 2002 - The Copyright Website, the leading Internet portal for copyright information, today announced the launch of the Copyright Wizard, a web-based copyright registration service that gives Internet content creators a way to submit copyright registration applications online.

The Copyright Wizard utilizes a registration engine and ontology that tailors questions to the specific work being registered, allowing simpler applications to be completed with fewer questions. The Copyright Website takes care of completing the appropriate copyright application form, burning a copy of the website to CD for deposit, and submitting the completed application to the United States Copyright Office.

"We are excited to announce the launch of the Copyright Wizard," said Benedict O'Mahoney, President of Copyright Website LLC. "This is a truly quick and painless web-based copyright registration service that allows people to register a copyright application for their online assets with the United States Copyright Office in a matter of minutes. We heard from people who are online that they wanted a way to register their works online."

To submit a copyright application, a content owner only needs to answer a few questions from the Copyright Wizard. The simpler the application, the fewer questions. If the content owner is registering a website, he need only input the domain name for a website.

Based on the interview with the applicant, the Copyright Wizard does the following: 1) completes the appropriate Copyright Registration form; 2) verifies that the Copyright Registration form does not contain any logical inconsistencies; 3) captures the website or digital assets; 4) converts the website or digital assets to an appropriate format; 5) burns the converted files to a Compact Disc. Copyright Website LLC then submits the entire package along with all required fees and deposits to the Copyright Office for registration.

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