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Copyright Website to Present Seminar on Audio and Video Sampling Issues at National Association of Broadcasters Convention

FOSTER CITY, CA - April 21, 2005 - Copyright Website will be presenting a session entitled Bright Lines and Gray Areas - Audio and Video Sampling at the National Association of Broadcasters 2005 convention at 10:30am at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As the demand for content increases with the proliferation of distribution channels such as broadcast, cable, satellite and the Internet, content providers are under increasing pressure to efficiently deliver new content. Increasingly, new content is embedded with sampled media, creating issues for both the creator and the distributor.

This presentation will show content providers how to minimize risk by understanding the ramifications of embedded sampled media. Ever wonder if that shot of a street sculpture was going to get you into trouble? How about those twelve bars of a Madonna song on your soundtrack? Recent court cases have tried to draw bright lines, but how bright are they? The presentation will help you minimize your liabilities by outlining when it’s safe to use material created by third parties, and when it’s not worth the trouble. The presentation will include actual audio and video examples.

The Bright Lines and Gray Areas - Audio and Video Sampling session is being presented as part of the National Association of Broadcaster's New Media Professionals Conference. This conference offers a multi-faceted approach to keeping pace with new media technologies and applications such as the Internet, streaming media, DVD and other emerging platforms. Business sessions focus on making investments, creating alliances and protecting intellectual property. Creative sessions offer successful case studies enhanced with demonstrations. Convergence sessions address enhanced/interactive television, asset management for multi-platform use and the intertwining of traditional and new media.

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